What about the turtles?

The Florida Keys is home to a vast variety of marine animals, such as manatee, dolphins, sharks and turtles. These precious creatures are constantly being affected by the negative effects that WE are causing.

The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida is a major advocate for helping animals out of these harmful situations, specifically sea turtles.

The Hospital was created for the rehabilitation of endangered sea turtles, including turtles caught in fishing nets, lines, and waste found in the ocean. They also treat turtles that have tumors, boat scars, and intestinal blockage.

The facility contains donated medical equipment that is designed to meet the needs of turtles of various species and sizes. For educational purposes, specific employees give daily tours to the public. The tour includes a showing of the actual hospital and equipment, as well as several mini pools and one big pool for the turtles to recover in before being released.

The Turtle Hospital is a non-profit organization and they need OUR help in saving the turtles.

The Hospital website lists specific actions that you can take to help:

  • Contribute- donate, become a member, or adopt a turtle.
  • Make responsible decisions- know where your seafood is coming from.
  • Recycle- DO NOT throw trash in the oceans, keep it in a place where you will remember to take it either to the trash or recycling bin.
  • Boat safely- avoid seagrass, look out for trash and harmful objects, stay clear of visual wildlife.


By working together, we can greatly enhance the quality of life of turtles and other wildlife. Endangered species could be a thing of the past.


Rescue. Rehabilitation. Release. That’s all it takes.


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